Monday, August 17, 2009

Highland Water Park!

Well, I have been feeling a little bit bad about not really taking Sadie swimming this summer. I know I have let her play in the water...A LOT...but i just know she would love to go swimming in a real pool. The only problem is that all of the pools around here are expensive. Like 4.50 per adult or something like that. Now that might not sound too unreasonable to everyone out there, but I grew up in Phoenix. I lifeguarded for about 6 years there and it cost 1.50 for adults and if they went after 6, it was 50 cents. Kids were 50 cents or at some pools they got in for free. So I think 4.50 is a lot of money to pay just to stay a the pool for an hour tops with Sadie. So the other day I was looking through some of the blogs listed on my craft blog, and I saw that someone had posted about an awesome free waterpark. (Sorry, I can't remember where I saw it)

Now this is not a waterpark with a pool or slides or anything, but the kinds where water shoots up out of the ground and the kids can run around and get wet. Rob and I took Sadie there today and it was a BLAST! We probably stayed about an hour and would have stayed longer but Sadie was so cold that she was shivering. So we thought we better leave and get her warmed up. But she had such a good time. I totally recommend it if you live in the utah. The best part about it is that it is a public park so it is FREE!

Here are some fun pictures of us enjoying the water.

Here is Sadie leading me into the water fountains. She had already taken her dad and showed him all of the water shooting up out of the ground. I kept forgeting that you had to watch your back or you would get wet...

This one almost got me. Rob took this picture right before I left out a yelp and ran away.

Dad helping Sadie enjoy the big sprayers!

This one in the middle was a very popular spot. It shot up really hard and all the bigger kids wated to hog it. But Rob got right in there to let Sadie experience it. I think she liked it.

There is also a little river type place to chill out. Sadie LOVED this. She just sat in the same spot without moving for about 10 minutes. That made it easy for us to watch her!

Then daddy taught her how to lay on her tummy like she does in the tub. She didn't stay like this for too long because her face would get splashed. But she enjoyed it for a little while.

I hiope you all get to come to this park sometime. It really is a fun and cheap way to spend an afternoon. Although right when we got there, a mom was taking pictures of her boy who was about 6 and I heard him say "Mom, these aren't fun. I want to go to a real pool" Haha.


Shanna Selin said...

Sadie is getting so big and cute! I'm excited to see her (and you guys) again.

Carrie Selin said...

Just a little correction. The pools in Phoenix were only 25 cents after 6:00 pm. The last few years they have gotten ride of this and make adults pay the full $1.50 all day.
- Dad