Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our date on Friday Night

So on Friday, Rob and I decided to spend our evening canning our tomatoes. We had a lot that we weren't going to be able to eat before they went bad so we put them in cans. It took quite a while, but it was fun to do it with Rob.

First, you wash all of your tomatoes.

Next you peel them and cut them into pieces that will fit into your jars.

Discard the guts.

Put them in the jars and into the canner.

And ta-dah! You have canned tomatoes that you can use in lasagna, spaghetti sauce or anything you want.


And yes...I definitely did roast a marshmallow over the gas burner afterward so that I could stick it on a yummy s'more. (I look totally gross in these pictures, but I wanted you to appreciate the perfectly roasted mallow. And it was probably about 90 degrees in our kitchen at that point. :) )

Perfectly golden brown. Nice.

All there is left to do is "STUFF!"

Oh and we picked 7 ears of corn from our garden and it was delicious. We were going to just eat 2 and then freeze the rest, buht we ended up just eating it all over the next few days because it was just that good.

So that was our Friday night. Actually after that we watched the Pride and Prejudice Pink Bible movie. Hah! Anyway, It was really fun and we are excited to can some more tomatoes when we get more. Woot.

And no post is complete without something cute of Sadie. Here is a video of her newest activity. It is kinda scary though because sometimes she will do this and then I will have no idea where she is. That happened a few times, but she always comes out after a while. Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

I love that she says bye to you before shutting herself in her hideout. And major props to canning tomatoes. YOU ROCK!

Katie said...

Way to go with your garden! And let me just say that I am very impressed that you actually canned your tomatoes. You guys are, like, real people now.