Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BYU Volleyball and Leaves

Sorry...I know this is like my third post tonight, but I had a lot to catch up on!

So just keep scrolling down!

And, for some reason in firefox, like half of the pictures aren't showing up, so you should look at this in internet explorer! :)

We brought Sadie to a volleyball game at BYU last week. She loved it! I mostly wanted to bring her to a game because we taught her the end of the Cougar fight song and wanted her to experience it for real. She had so much fun watching the ball go back and forth and watching Cosmo walk through the crowd. She always knew where he was and would point to him. Then he came to our section and there were tons of parent who brought their kids to see him so we passed Sadie down to Shanna who was on the aisle. We thought we missed the opportunity because Cosmo was kinda walking away but he looked back and saw Sadie sitting there on Shanna's lap and he picked her right up and started dancing with her. He danced with her for quite a while too. Luckily right before he put her down I got the camera out and Rob took a picture really quick. It was fun to go to the game and hang out with Evan and Shanna for a while.

Sadie at the game. She was excited about something.

Her and Comso. If only I had tohught sooner to get the camera out we could have had a better picture. Oh well.

There was a really cool rainbow outside our house the other day. It was acutally a double rainbow but you can't really see it that well. This picture doesn't do it justice because it was a big beautiful arch and it was pretty dark too!

Last week Sadie and I took a walk and found a church building that had TONS of leaves in the parking lot. So Sadie and I stomped in them for a good 30 minutes or so. So the next day, i brought Rob over so he could see the cuteness.

They had a blast stomping in the leaves together. I'm glad that I took her to enjoy the leaves last week because it snowed today so fall is coming to an end...

They found this basketball in the parking lot and Sadie carried it with her almost the whole time we were there.

Huge pile of leaves with a cute Sadie in it.

This is a funny face that Sadie started making. I love it...I think Rob taught her that one.

And this is what happens when you let Sadie dress herself. Sweater with a diaper and her pink boots! Don't forget the shades!

Here is a video of the stomping in the leaves. I think my favorite part of the whole video is at the very beginning when she throws the ball down and says " bye bye ball". It is just cute. And when she falls down and says "weeee". Sorry, I'm giving away the whole video...here just watch it!


Lindsay said...

Another cougar in the making. :) And way to go on the apples! A lot of work, but definitely worth it!

Shanna and Evan said...

I love Sadie's outfit! Haha.

Holly-O said...

cutest pics of her with the basketball and in the leaves.