Sunday, October 11, 2009

General Conference weekend

Wow. We realized this time around that it is a lot harder to pay attention to conference with an 19 month old vs a 13 month old. Seriously. We don't remember being so distracted during the April conference at all. He he. We still enjoyed all the talks that we did hear, and are looking forward to getting the Ensign next month so we can read the talks that we didn't hear. Saturday morning was awesome because we got fresh warm cinnamon rolls from a little boy in our ward who was selling them so he could buy a ticket to a BYU football game. We thought it was a worthy cause, so we bought some. And they were DELICIOUS! YUM. I may have to make some this evening after church because my mouth it seriously watering right now. Anyway, we had a great Saturday and even enjoyed the company of our friends Whitney and Kirkham during the afternoon session of conference. That evening, I got to go to my sister in law's baby shower. It was a fun time. I even saw an old friend there and was able to catch up with her after about 5 years of not seeing her. Shanna got lots of good loot. She is having a baby boy and if you want to see what I made for her, click here. ha ha. It was a good baby shower!

Then on Sunday we just relaxed (as much as we could with Sadie around) and watched the rest of conference. It was great. I love hearing the prophet and apostles of God speak to us.

Here are some pictures from our conference weekend. Enjoy!

These were the yummy cinnamon rolls that Porter made for us. They were big and gooey and delicious. He ended up selling aobut 50 I think, so I was surprised at how big they all were.

Sadie especially loved them!

We tried everything to get her to sit still while we watched conference. Coloring worked for about 2 minutes at a time.

her new favorite toy. The binoculars. Cute.

And this is what happens when you let Sadie decorate you with stickers. They all go on the face. This was an entire sheet of stickers all on my face. It really hurt taking them all off. I didn't think they were that sticky. Sheesh.

And this was just a funny game that Sadie and daddy came up with. We seriously missed an entire talk because Sadie was laughing and playing this game for that long. It was HILARIOUS! My sides and cheeks hurt too because I was laughing so much. Hope this makes you all smile. Sorry it is kinda long, but it is still funny!


Lindsay said...

Excellent. :) What a fun game!

Grandma & Grandpa K said...

I want to play too!