Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chrismas Stuff

We have our house decorated for Christmas...meaning I pulled out my 3 decorations and put them on the mantle and we put up our little Christmas tree. It was fun having Sadie help us because she was just sooooo excited about the tree. Now we just have to keep her away from it because it isn't the most sturdy tree in the world. Thank goodness it is only three feet tall.

Sadie got to meet Santa at our ward party again this year. At first she just looked down and I thought maybe she was going to start crying, but then after a little while, she warmed up to him. Especially when he gave her a treat bag with candy and play-dough in it.

We also went to the festival of trees with Evan and Shanna. Sadie just loved the trees, but she loved Evan and Shanna more. After we were there for about an hour, she didn't really want to walk anymore so she was crying and laying on the floor. I couldn't get her to start walking again...but when uncle Evan came over to help...she just got right up and went with him happily. Sadie was with them for most of the time we were at the festival of trees...which I kinda felt bad about just because it is a lot of work to carry her around everywhere. But they seemed to like it. They even drove us all the way to Salt Lake in their cool mini van...we owe them. :)

Sadie was really good at bringing all 10 of our ornaments over to me. :)

Of course, the stars were her favorite!

Sadie with her buddy Santa.

The festival of trees was so cool but I think my favorite part was the gingerbread houses. This one was really cool. Can you tell what movie it's from? UP! I love the balloons made out of Jellybeans. There were so many cool houses and trees and I didn't take nearly enough pictures. But this was one of my favorites.

This is us in front of a huge weird looking Santa. Sadie loved all of the Santa decorations everywhere.

And here she is with her new best friends. Sometimes we will just be at home sitting around and she will look at me and say "evan?? Nanna?(Shanna)" I have to explain to her that they are at their own house.

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Lindsay said...

I LOVED that gingerbread house! We're actually going to attempt to do ours this weekend...and it probably won't look nearly as cool.