Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poor Sadie

Our little Sadie was sick most of this last week. It wasn't until Friday that she really started acting like herself. All day on Monday and Tuesday and most of Wednesday we just sat on the couch and cuddled while watching movies or Gilmore Girls. She slept a lot, which was nice because that meant that I could take a rest since she practically kept us up all night those nights. :) Anyway, I hate seeing her sick and I would much rather be sick myself than to see her not feel good. It is just so sad.

Here she is on the couch with all of her blankets reading a piece of junk mail that we got out of the mailbox that day. She read that for about 10 minutes. It was pretty funny.

Then we decided to get our downstairs tenants a new dishwasher since theirs broke while we were on Christams vacation in Arizona. We went to RC Willey to shop around and let me just say that I hate shopping for dishwashers for OTHER people. I mean, it is our dishwasher, but we don't get to use it. And we don't even have one. It was kind of making me mad, but not really. Anyway, we went and picked it up and I told Rob to keep the box so that Sadie could play in it. And she has been doing just that for the past 2 days. She loves it. And I'm glad that she has something that can keep her entertained for a while.

Of course, the first thing she did was to put all of her blankets in there to make it comfy.

Then she discovered the "slide". She helps all of her babies go down the slide. It is so cute.


She also loves to play with hangers on my bed. She is really good at saying the word hanger too.

Then on Thursday night, there was a crazy wind storm. Someone today told us that the wind got up to 75 miles per hour where we live. CRAZY i tell you. So I was sitting inside while Rob was downstairs installing the dishwasher and I kept hearing a loud banging outside. After a while I looked out the window and found out that part of the siding of our roof was hanging down and flapping in the wind. So at about 10:30, Rob went out there to fix it.

He is so handy. I went out to make sure that he was being safe and everything. It is kinda scary to be standing on a ladder and using a drill when it is super windy outside.

He is such a handy man!

And I was so helpful handing him the screws when he needed them. :)

Unfortunately, on one of the screws that he was trying to screw in, the drill came off of the screw and the drill went into his thumb while it was still on. His thumb was bleeding pretty bad and you can see a little bruise on the other side of his thumb where the drill almost reached the other side. Poor Rob. But the roof is looking great!

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Lindsay said...

I need to check out your other blog more often. You make the cutest things! And I would be annoyed as well if we bought a dishwasher for someone else...ESPECIALLY if we didn't have one. I'm glad Sadie is feeling better. :)

Bruce said...

I was sick this week too. I do not like being sick. it makes it nice when you feel better. Robert nice battle wound. Will it have a cool scar?

lindsy said...

Glad Sadie's feeling better. It is nice when they are actually out for a little while on the couch =) I love the doll slide!