Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First sledding adventure

So ever since we put Sadie in a real bed, we have noticed that she goes down a lot easier if she is really tired by the time it is bed time. Like on Saturday, we took her swimming...well I sat on the bleachers and watched Rob and Sadie because I can't fit into my swimming suit anymore. She swam for an hour and a half before saying she was ready to go. Then at bedtime, she pretty much went right down. She did try to escape a few times, but it didn't take nearly as long as before for her to calm down and go to sleep.

So yesterday I had the idea that we could take her sledding since she has never been before. I thought it would definitely tire her out for bedtime and it would be fun too. So we went to Walmart and bought a little sled and brought her to a park to pull her around in it. SHE LOVED IT! It was the funnest thing to watch. She was saying "weeeee" and giggling the entire time that Rob was pulling her around. Ahhh...it was so fun. And, bedtime was a breeze. She was so ready to sleep. So here are some pictures and a video for you all to enjoy.

Waving hi to Mommy. I couldn't keep up with those guys!

She needed some snow to refuel her for round 2. Or was it round 5? By the way, Rob was so good at running her around and around in that sled. I would have been done after about 5 minutes, but he just kept on going for about 20 minutes. He is the best.

Then she saw the swings and wanted to swing, so I decided I could at least push her in a swing and let Rob rest his legs.

Pure joy.

And here is a video. Sorry that it is so shaky, I was laughing too hard. :)


Carrie Selin said...

So Cute!

Bruce said...

how fun! Focus that energy.

grammy becky said...

Oh, so fun! She was really loving that!

Lindsay said...

That's a great video. What a cute little person. :) I wish we had more snow! I don't know how we keep missing all of these major storms!

Michelle said...

looks like fun, its always fun on the 1sts of everything huh?