Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny days

I love the sun. I'm not one that loves to sit out and get tanned or anything, I just love it when the sun is out because that means that Sadie and I can go play outside! She just loves to be outside. We spent the entire day outside yesterday. We started bright and early...well maybe 9 am (she woke up at 5 so I felt like I was already half way through my day!) by watching Rob mow the lawn in the backyard. Then we headed over to Home Depot (which was super crowded) to get plants for our garden. By the time we got home and got the car unloaded, it was time for lunch. So we ate and put Sadie down for a nap. Rob stayed outside and rotatilled the garden so we could plant our plants later. When Sadie finally woke up, our friends Brad and Becky came over and we all watched the boys cut down our apple tree with a chain saw. That was pretty fun.

Then after Sadie was asleep, Rob went out and planted the garden and didn't get back inside until about 9 pm. He worked alllllllll day. But our backyard looks great! And so does our garden.

So here are some pictures from yesterday and last week in general as we enjoyed spending time in the sun.

Popsicles are a must in the summer!

Sadie's new favorite activity is coloring with her chalk and then painting over it with water. Thanks mom for reminding me that we used to do this as kids. Sadie loves it!

Splish Splash. I can't wait till we get a little pool to put in our yard.

Yummy popsicle.

I love this picture. Rob mowing the lawn with Sadie covering her ears in the background. She pretty much had her ears covered the entire time he was mowing the lawn. It was so cute. She even wanted me to cover my ears, which I did for a while, but my arms got tired. :)


Holly-O said...

I am loving the sunny weather too!

evans said...

That picture is awesome. I love it when there are funny things in the background of pictures.

思穎思穎 said...
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