Monday, May 24, 2010

Mushy Face

Here are some more pictures I have taken of my two beautiful kiddos. It is so funny because I feel like I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I did when Sadie was Zac's age...I guess that is because he is not the only one I am taking care of. Sadie makes it kinda hard to take a lot of pictures. Anyway...I think I have some good ones. Enjoy!

He is kinda smiling in this one. I love it! Sadie just would not stop biting her nails though.

Sadie kept trying to put her Elmo guy in Zac's hand. I kept telling her that her to stop because he can't hold things yet. Well, she kept at it and he grabbed onto it. It was so funny how excited Sadie got when she saw that he was holding it.

I just thought this picture was funny. Sadie loves to give Zac hugs and kisses and this picture shows how much she loves him. See how his face is being mashed. So funny! I think that is Daddy's hand trying to pull him away from her. Haha.


becky d said...

The smashing of the face is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Ditto on the smashing of the face. So many loves!