Thursday, August 12, 2010

National Smore Day

I opened my email two days ago and saw an email from my mom about how it was national s'more day. National S'more day is on August 10th. I have always LOVED s'mores...maybe it has something to do with the scene about s'mores in the Sandlot movie. Anyway, So I decided that our family would have s'mores for dessert last night. We unfortunately didn't get to making them last night, so we made them tonight instead. It was a blast!

We roasted the "mallows" in the oven. It worked out pretty good.

We decided to eat them outside because we knew they were going to be a big mess. So Rob took his s'more and Zac, and went outside while I helped Sadie go to the bathroom. We were going to meet him out there. Anyway, when I got there, this is what I found. It was sooooooo funny.

He couldn't quite reach it with his tongue. Zac seems to think it is pretty funny too!

Messy but oh so good.

Sadie quite enjoyed them too.

Two of my favorite people practically wearing their s'mores.

It was a fun little activity! And since I was snapping pictures outside, I didn't get to eat my s'more until we were inside and Rob was giving Zac and Sadie a bath. (I know...he is the best!) And since they both got a picture taken after their first bite, I took a picture after my first bite. Not quite as messy though, but I didn't put it up because it wasn't a good picture.

Happy National S'more Day! Maybe we will make it a yearly celebration!


Shirl and Bill said...

I know you're not going to believe this but I've never had a s'more!

becky d said...

Rob, you've got a little bit of something right down more to the right, lower, higher...can someone please get him a napkin? Egads.