Sunday, October 3, 2010

Video Overload

These are all the videos I have been meaning to put on here but have been to lazy to actually do it.

This first one actually just happened on Saturday night. Sadie was making Zac laugh with almost anything that she did. This is what I caught on video.

We started reading our scriptures before Sadie goes to bed. We never made her participate and in fact, most of the time she was watching a movie or something while we were reading out loud. Then one day she asked for her own scriptures and we gave her some and she started reading.

And here is a video of Zac's new trick. He's getting so big. I can't even believe he is already 5 months old. Where does the time go!??!


Carrie Selin said...

Sheesh! Sitting up and reading! Your kids are just - the best!

Shirl and Bill said...

Zac you are growing too fast. I need to see you and Sadie !!!