Saturday, October 9, 2010

We tried

If anyone is interested in the tutorial for the pants that I is what I used. t-shirt-surgery

We tried really hard one morning this week to get some cute pictures of out kiddos together. Here are the best ones we got.

Sadie smiling at Zac.

This is one of my favorites. They aren't both looking at the camera, but they are both kinda smiling. So that is a success!

Giving kisses.

I especially love Zac's face in this one. So funny.

Zac looking at the camera...

Sadie looking at the camera. And it looks like Zac is about to sneeze or something.

So there you have it...our attempt at taking pictures of the kids. I guess that is why there are photographers. :)

And if anyone wants to see how many new skirts are in my and Sadie's wardrobe come over to my craft blog and look.


lindsy said...

those are adorable!!! way better than posed smiles. I love it! I love the fence background too. those guys are cute :)

Shirl and Bill said...

These would be great for xmas pictures! They are all so cute...