Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She can finally reach!

First off...I am trying to teach the kids how to vacuum the living room...all they want to do is play with the vacuum. Sheesh. :) just kidding!

In little bro a ride.

And yes...pretty much every time she rides her bike she thinks she needs to wear her sunglasses. And she wore them crooked like that the WHOLE time. So funny. I guess it doesn't bother her...I would really bother me!

Sadie has had this bike for a little over a year now and she can finally reach the pedals! Hooray! We got it out these past few days because we have been having awesome weather...too bad it is supposed to snow tomorrow! But here she is in action:

Zac was trying soooo hard to catch up to the bike. So Sadie was nice and gave him a ride for a while. I love how he is just enjoying it and holding on to her sweatshirt. So cute!


Shirl and Bill said...

The glasses thing is sooo funny.
She's goin to exceed the speed limit soon.

Shirl and Bill said...

The glasses thing is soooo funny.
She will be speeding before you know it

Chuck and Stacie said...

Your kids have gotten so big! I can't believe Sadie is 3! They are so cute and it looks like you are having so much fun! Miss you.