Monday, February 21, 2011

Zac's Hospital Stay

Wow...this weekend was crazy! It is funny to think back to Friday when Rob and I were making a mental list of things we were going to do on Saturday. "Go to Zumba, meet with business partner, go to home depot, go to JoAnns" Well, we didn't make it to any of those things because Zac was sick.

Anyway we are home now and Zac is acting a looking a lot better than on Saturday. On Saturday, he litterally was laying on the floor or on me or Rob ALL day long. It was pretty sad. But once we got him admitted to the hospital and got some dinner in him he perked up for about 30 minutes before bedtime. That night they took him off of oxygen to see how he would do. At about midnight the oxygen monitor alarm kept going off because he was only getting about 85% oxygen. (above 90 is where he is supposed to be). I wasn't too worried because he had been at that number a few times that day. Well, then the alarm started going crazy and the number was at 76%. I was starting to worry when I saw the number go down into the 50's. A few seconds after that two nurses rushed in to check him and put him back on oxygen. They said that he failed the test. ha ha.

Anyway, so he spent the rest of that night and most of Sunday on oxygen again. He was acting better but not at 100%. Poor little guy had to be stuck in his crib pretty much all day. I tried to hold him, but he was so wiggly and he had about 12 wires coming off of him that I just left him in the crib most of the time. He was pretty good about it. They brought him some toys to play with. So they took him off of the oxygen on Sunday evening and he slept without the oxygen all night and did really well. I actually slept with him in the crib because he wouldn't go to sleep, but once I got in there with him, he slept the rest of the night. My back is killing me now though...that crib is NOT comfortable. :)

Anyway, so the doctor came and gave us the green light to take him home this morning. He has been doing well...still really congested and stuff, but at least he has his energy back. We are glad that he was able to come home so soon because a lot of kids have to stay a lot longer. On our way home, we went to get our car and Rob's sister's car to take it back to her because she let us borrow it for the weekend. (thanks!!!) I went to turn on her car and the battery was completely dead. Good thing my parents got us jumper cables for Christmas! We put those babies to good use this morning.

Now, we just need to take Zac to the doctor tomorrow morning to have a follow up appointment and I think everything will be good. are some pictures of the weekend.

Zac in his cute hospital gown. I love it!

With his oxygen...every once in a while I would look at him and he would have it in his mouth sucking on it. Little stinker. ha ha. It was pretty cute.

Sadie came to visit. She loved getting in the crib with him. She was a trooper this weekend.

Some toys they brought for him. At first he was content banging on the wipes case and the diapers in the background. But once he got the piano, there was no going back!

This was right after he got into the hospital. No oxygen yet!

And my favorite part about the hospital stay (besides Zac getting better of course) is this cup!! When I had Sadie I got a cup like this but I left it in the NICU two days later and never saw it again. So when I had Zac I was excited to get one of these cups again. Well, they stopped using these cups at that time and I got a cheap little pink one that was pretty useless. It would spill all over me and stuff when I tried to get a drink. So I was really excited when I asked for some water and they brought me this! I made sure to bring it home this time. :)

Here he is entertaining himself. I think he might be a drummer when he gets older!

In other news, Zac's first tooth FINALLY popped through while we were in the hospital. I have seriously felt those things coming in for about 3 weeks now. Hooray!


Shanna Selin said...

Wow! How did you fit in his crib?

I'm glad he's doing better now!

lindsy said...

Soo glad you're home! Those little gowns are pretty cute. He looks pretty happy for being hooked up to all the wires. :)

Carrie Selin said...

I guess Zachary wanted his hospital time just like Sadie got when she was born. We are so glad that he is home and feeling much better. Hope he can stay that way! The nice cup is a real bonus for you!

Shirl and Bill said...

I was so glad to see this blog this am. I was wondering how Zac was doing. I'm glad he is home with you. It's funny.....I never thought about a little gown for a small one. It is so cute.

Grandma and Grandpa Kevan said...

Glad our baby is home! We worry so much for him and even happier that Crys could help and Luke could visit.