Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snow day in March

 This is way past due, but in March we got snow for the first time at our new house.  Of course the kids wanted to go out and play in it. So I had to find where the snow clothes were, which took a while, but then we got dressed and went outside.  The kids love to play in the snow, usually for short periods of time.  ha ha. 

This is what Zac does the whole time we are outside...make a snowball...take a bite...
 Wind up....

And let it fly!  Haha.  Really..that is what he does the whole time. And I think it is awesome.  Even when he gets me in the face.  :)


 Cute Emery and Sadie.  They found a puddle on the cement and that was where Emery wanted to be.

 He is winding up again...I think it dodged this one though.  

 Like I said, Emery found a puddle and there was no way she was going to play anywhere else.  I tried moving her, but she always ended up right here...I knew it wouldn't last long though.  It was cold out there.

Then we went inside and took a nice warm bath.  

We like the snow, but we love the warmer weather we have been getting lately!  Hooray for spring and summer!

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Shirl and Bill said...

Love that snow, huh. For a while...