Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sidewalk chalk

We have lots of space to draw with sidewalk chalk at our new house, so the kids have fallen in love with drawing outside.  Their favorite things are simon says color, we draw shapes on the ground and I call out a shape and they run to it, and they love when I trace their whole body.  It is lots of fun. 
 Here is Zac.  He did an excellent job tracing the line that I drew for him.
 Of course he wanted me to take a picture of him on himself!
 Here is Sadie's creation.
And I wasn't going to do Emery, but before I knew it she layed down just like this and patiently waited until I came over and traced her.  ha ha.  I helped color her in though.  :)


Jonathan and Marissa said...

That picture of Emery is adorable! We had so much fun at your house! We can't wait to do it again!

lindsy said...

I love Sadie's with her hands behind her head. Cute!

Shirl and Bill said...

No leaving Emmy out!