Monday, June 17, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Selin's visit

 So my parents came to town a few weeks ago.  It was tons of fun.  We did some shopping, some projects around the house and they got to see Sadie's dance recital.  Oh and of course, what is a visit from my parents without sickness.  That's right.  Emery threw up one morning and then the sickness spread like wildfire and everyone got it.  But my parents didn't get it until they were on their way home.  Sorry! 

They were supposed to arrive on a Wednesday so we decided to do something that morning with some friends to help the time pass quickly.  We went to the farm and Thanksgiving Point.  It was tons of fun. 

So here are some pictures.  There are a lot of them.  :)

 Zac's hat makes me laugh.  But he wore it most of the time we were there.  I'm sure he could hardly see a thing!

 This was on the wagon ride.  The kids had smiles on their faces the whole ride.

 Emery and her friend Ella.  Cuties.

 Sadie and zac went on the pony right.  I was so proud of them for going by themselves!

 Zac was a little nervous at first, but then he had a big grin the rest of the time.  So fun.

 We went to a store called Scheels.  It is a huge sporting goods store (kinda like Cabella's) and they have lots of stuff to do there.  There is a little playplace for the kids, a shooting arcade like game, two bowling lanes where you can bowl, and a huge fish tank and taxedermy animals. 

 And right in the middle of the store is a big ferris wheel.  I rode with Sadie...

 And Zac rode with Grandpa.  I should have let Sadie ride with him too, because I was terrified.  It is so scary when they stop you at the very top.  I think Sadie was nervous because I was nervous.  

 Here are the kids with a huge bear.

 Then Sadie climbed in the drivers seat on this jeep.

 Here is grandpa with Abe Lincoln.  That store is so fun!  

 Grandma brought some shells from her recent trip to the beach in Connecticut.  The kids still love to look at, sort and play with them.

 We took Sadie's training wheels off to see if she wanted to learn how to ride her bike.  She's not quite ready.  She is very nervous and always leans on whoever is holding her.  Oh well, maybe in a few more months.

 Me and Emery enjoying the nice weather outside.

 Grandma brought some fun squirt guns.  Emery mostly just drank hers.

 Grandpa reading a book to the kids.

 Then we attempted family pictures.  This was one of the best we got.  ha ha.

And I LOVE this picture.  So cute.  The kids love their grandparents!

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Shirl and Bill said...

Great pictures. Can't wait to come up and see you all