Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer fun

 We have had lots of fun this summer!  We mostly just hang out around the house...with some small outings here and there...but we have loved it! It has been nice and warm so we have spent a lot of our days in our swim suits running through sprinklers or on the slip and slide.  Oh and otter pops.  Lots of those!

 I just like this picture because Emery is cute.  This is her swim shirt. 

 Zac graduated to a regular chair at the dinner table, so when we took off his booster seat, we set it right here under the counter.  Emery hung out there for a few days.  She loves that little seat.

 We made some sidewalk chalk paint.  I love how colorful it is.  And the kids loved it too!

 Painting is way more fun than just coloring with chalk!  

 Emery loved it too...she kept trying to carry the muffin tin to a different spot on the driveway which made me crazy because I didn't want her to spill it all, but she did a pretty good job not spilling.

 Sadie loved painting "her rock" in the front yard.  We will have to do this again sometime.

 McDonnalds with our friends the Hatch family.  Here are Emery and Ella enjoying some yummy chicken nuggets.

 And the other kids enjoying their happy meals.

And sadie wanted me to take this picture of is by the canal.  Just a big tree that was cut down and now it makes the perfect seat for Sadie.  

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Carrie Selin said...

I hope you saved a little more summer fun for us when we come up there. Wow, they are growing up - FAST!