Monday, March 7, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa came!

 My mom and dad came to visit from Arizona to see Sadie get baptized.  It's always a great sight to see their red truck coming down the street:

 Yay!  They are finally here!

 The kids are always very "helpful" unloading their truck.  :)

 Grandpa put this on Riley and she just stood there for a while wondering what was on her neck.  She didn't move.  It was funny. Must be comfortable. 

 Riley took about 2 seconds to warm up to my mom.  Then she was by her side the entire week.  She was really glued to her.  Every time she ran downstairs Riley was sure to follow.  It was pretty cute.

 On Wednesday morning I let the kids stay home from school so we could walk through the Provo temple before it is dedicated.  It was beautiful and I think the kids really enjoyed it.  I know I did and I think my mom did too.  My mom took a picture of me with the kids in front of the temple.  I'll have to post it after she sends it to me.

 It was such a good morning.  And we got there before it was too crowded.  I have heard that the lines gets really long toward the afternoon. We timed it perfectly.

 After the temple, we went to the Bean Museum.  Of course, it was only about 9:30 and it opened at 10, so I took the older kids on a walk to explore where I used to spend a ton of time at BYU.  

 We walked down by the bell tower and found some duckies. 

 Then the museum opened so we explored for a little while.  It has changed a ton since the last time I went there.  The beetles display and the butterfly display were pretty cool.

 Then we rode the elevator to the second floor.  This is how the kids ride in elevators. Silly kids.

 Then we went to the Creamery over by where DT towers used to be.  We ate our picnic lunch and then grandma treated us to ice cream.  Thanks!  IT was delicious.

 Then we got home and took some time to relax.  Of course Riley fell asleep on the way home and then didn't want to nap.  

Like I said, Riley was glued to my mom the entire week!  ha ha

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Laurel and Doug said...

Riley with your mom - so cute!