Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snow days are coming to an end...

 I guess I better post these pictures of the kids playing in the snow before it gets too warm out there.  Our huge snow pile just melted completely yesterday.  That was bittersweet.  Bitter because the kids spent hours playing on that big hill, and sweet because I am excited about warmer weather! 

 Here is Riley all bundled up.  There is something about little kids in snow clothes that always makes me smile.  Probably because I always think of A Christmas Story when I see big winter coats and pants.  ha ha

 Here is Sadie showing off her snow angel.

And here is Zac's snow angel.

 One day Zac and Emery were playing out front in the snow and I was watching from the window.  I saw Emery pick up a rock and then throw it down and start running.  She then got Zac to come inspect it.

They looked at it for a while and then I saw them take off and hide behind the snow pile...
 While I was watching, I knew exactly what had happened.  But when they came in I asked them just to make sure I guessed right.  Emery had seen some kind of bug or something that looked like a bug and ran to get Zac.  Then they both saw it again and hid behind the snow pile.  Haha!  Hilarious.  I was just laughing and laughing from inside!

 And here is a picture of our poor melting snowman.  He was leaning to the side pretty bad.  But that was the biggest snowman that they had ever made.  And Rob told me they pretty much did it themselves.  He just helped lift the pieces on top of each other.  

Riley and I like to watch from inside where it is warm.  :)

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