Thursday, September 17, 2009

Isn't it funny... when you have a kid, you take TONS of pictures of them! Since I got a digital camera right before going to college, I took so many more pictures than I had in my entire life. And then, I got married and Rob and I took lots of those unflattering holding the camera out in front of you pictures. When we had Sadie, wow...I seriously don't stop taking pictures. Sadie is such a good sport. I guess I don't take as many as a lot of people, but I take so many that it is hard for me to keep them organized. Anyway...that is just a long way of saying that this post is FULL of pictures! :)

This is the first day I put Sadie's hair in pigtails. It was so darling. Although, I couldn't get them even after three tries, so I had to just deal with it all day. That is, until she pulled them out at the park. But just look at her...she is growing up. Sigh.

Our friends built this cool "roller coaster" for a film thing. I guess to film moving shots smoothly, but when we go over and it is set up in the yard, the kids love it! Sadie seriously rode this thing for about 20 minutes. Ha!

We went to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake while my parents were here. It is a pretty cool place for kids to see all the animals up close and it is FREE! There are things you can pay to do like pony rides or milking a cow, but we just walked around and fed ducks. It was a fun day!

Sadie loved hanging out on the air mattress with my parents. Her favorite was bouncing on it!

When my parents were packing up the car to leave, Sadie crawled in and wanted me to put the seat belt on. She sat in there a good 10 minutes (if not more) and had a huge smile on her face the whole time...well, until I tried to take the seat belt off her. he he I guess she just wanted to go home with her grandma and grandpa!

My dad brought this back inverter thingy with him so I could try it out. My back had been hurting pretty badly for a long time and so I hung out upside-down for a while. I still use it because surprisingly, it has helped my back feel better!

Grandpa and Sadie hanging out in the grass.

We took her to the water park again and she had a blast! Here she is trying to sit on the water squirting out from the rock. So funny!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Two of my favorite people looking good in the grass!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures. Check back tomorrow because I will be posting a video from the waterpark that is pretty funny! Have a great day!


Katie said...

she is so cute!

Holly-O said...

i love wheeler farm. steve and i walk there and feed the ducks sometimes (it's only like a mile from our apt). glad you had fun with your parents!!