Monday, September 14, 2009

Lacking the Motivation

I just really like this outfit. Sadie isn't making the best face, but her clothes are cute!

Lately I have been lazy. Well, not too lazy, but it seems I am lacking the motivation to get anything done. My days usually go something like this: Wake up around 6 or 6:30 (whenever Sadie wakes up...) and sit on the couch with her as she drinks some milk. Then after a while, I get up and get breakfast for the both of us and while she is strapped in her chair, I clean the kitchen. Then I am pretty productive until about 10 am when Rachel Ray comes on. I do things like laundry and organizing, or picking tomatoes from the garden. Then it seems like after 10 I have no motivation to get anything done. seriously. I sit around and play with Sadie, but that is it. Maybe that is why after a year and a half of living here, our house is still not all. he he.

In the evenings, I usually get out my sewing or crochet stuff, but it has been weeks since I have done any of that. Sigh. Last night I started getting a bunch of material out so I could cut out some patterns and start sewing, but after I got out the big mess, I really didn't want to do the work. So I just sat on the couch with piles of material surrounding me and kicking myself, because now I had to put it away. Weird.

That is why I am soo proud of myself tonight! I sewed a little dress from start to finish while I was watching Never Been Kissed. I didn't really want to get started, but once I did, it was great...even if I did sepnd more than half of the time ripping the seams where I messed up. It was awesome. I feel so refreshed. Maybe my motivation has come back! Hooray.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few cute things that Sadie does. She is such a sweet little girl. Randomly throughout the day, she will come up to me with her arms opened and say "huuu" meaning hug. She gives the best hugs too. And then after that, she will pucker her lips (it looks like she is trying to make a fish face) and want one of those from me too. I love it. And today I was reading her a book before nap time and one of the babies in the picture looked sad so she said "huuu" and hugged the book and kissed the baby. It was so sweet. I love that little girl! I just wish Rob were home all the time so he could see all of the cute things she does. I guess she is my motivation for most everything I do during the day. And I love it!

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Chad and Bekah said...

Are you pregnant? =) I've heard that that lack of motivation thing can accompany pregnancy...just thought I'd ask.

Sadie is as cute as ever. I wouldn't mind a Sadie-hug myself!