Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Egg Bash

While my parents were in town we of course had to do the annual Easter Egg Bash! Unfortunately, Scott wasn't able to be here, but we figured better do it while most of us are together. We even got my sister-in-law's family in on it too. Everyone was here for Calvin's baby blessing (which was great by the way). So on Saturday afternoon, we all gathered together and bashed some Easter eggs.

Basically what happens is two people go head to head with boiled eggs and roll them toward each other. When they hit, usually only one egg cracks and that person is out. It is pretty fun. So here are some pictures!

We had to color 48 eggs! It took a little while and Sadie just loved "helping".

More egg coloring. We colored them all and then whoever wanted to personalize theirs, they drew pictures or wrote words with little sharpies.

Sadie actually had a spot in the bracket, but she used already cracked eggs just so she could have a chance rolling them. She did a pretty good job! I think she actually beat the first person she rolled against even though her egg was already cracked a little bit.

Her winning egg.

Sadie was just making the rounds telling everyone good luck before the big bash started! Good luck Evan and Shanna!

Good luck Grandma and Grandpa. And Isaac...he is a master at sneaking into photos!

Here goes Rob...he has great form in this picture as you can see, but it just wasn't enough this year. He was the winner last year, but he had to give up the trophy to someone else this year...

My brother Evan took the prize! He beat everyone he rolled against. Good job Evan...but I'm already practicing for next year! You better watch out!

And here is a video of Sadie trying to roll her is pretty funny just because you can hear the egg crack when it hits the ground the first time. But this kinda gives you an idea of how the egg bash goes.

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