Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I love Reams

In Springville, there are basically 3 main grocery stores to shop at. Reams, Allens and Walmart. My favorite has always been Reams. Let me tell you why. The produce at Reams is always on a good sale. I am never disappointed. Also, their service is awesome. The people there are so nice and they even wipe off the car shopping carts for us when we want to use one. It is nice. But my favorite thing that they do is about every other Saturday or so they have a early morning sale where there are a few things on a great sale, but while you are there shopping they make announcements like "right now if you come to the strawberries, you can get them for .99 a pound." Or "for the next 10 minutes, we will be ringing up the Cheerios at .99 cents a box." You get my point.

So last Saturday, we made a family trip out of it. We all headed down to Reams at 6:30 because we were all awake anyway, and got some good deals. It was fun. Then we treated ourselves to some donuts to eat when we got home. I LOVE REAMS!

This is everything we got while we were at Reams. Check out all those fruit snacks...I'm hoping I won't have to buy another package of those for about 6 months! But I got them for about .25 cents a box.

So the funny thing about the strawberries is that I have been CRAVING them for weeks. Every time we would drive past or near Sam's Club, I would mention to Rob that I wanted to get some, but they were super expensive. So at Reams, I saw they were on sale 2 lbs for 5 dollars. I told Rob I really wanted them and someone who worked there gave us a heads up that the manager was going to mark them down soon so we should wait. So we started walking away and not 30 seconds later they made the announcement that they were going for .99 cents a pound. I told Rob to run and get some which he did while I went to get some fruit snacks. On my way to the fruit snacks, I saw three ladies sprinting with their carts toward the strawberries. It was pretty funny. Rob was awesome and got us 4 delicious pounds of strawberries!

Sadie really enjoying her chocolate covered donut after we got home.

Rob endured the trip and was great at snagging all the good deals. Thanks love! You're the best! And just check out that chocolaty grin in the background. Awesome!


Lindsay said...

EXCELLENT! I wish Denver had something like that. The strawberries have been looking so good...maybe Sunflower Market will have them on sale tomorrow for Double Coupon Wednesdays!

Katie said...

Haha. Good thing Ron is such a good sport. :)

lindsy said...

That's the way to shop! What a fun store!

Grandma & Grandpa K said...

i have never heard of Reams. Great bargains!