Thursday, March 25, 2010

Parks and Bikes

Lately the weather has been so nice! I love it! And so does Sadie! So we have been going to the park, riding her new bike outside and just hanging out in the backyard. One thing about going to the park now that she is potty trained is that there is no bathroom and it seems like every time we go, about 5 minutes after we get there she has to go to the bathroom. No matter how hard I try to get her to go before we leave, she just refuses. So we walk to the park, then walk home, use the potty and walk back. It is kinda ridiculous. But it makes our days less monotonous. And I just love to watch her play at the park!

She is just so happy playing outside!

I was sitting on a bench trying to look at the mail or something and I hear her yelling "BUG! BUG!" So I go over to see what she is doing and this is what I find. I went over and it was a tiny gnat just sitting on the slide. I blew it away. Haha.

This is how we do the bike. She can't quite reach the pedals yet, but she is learning how to steer while daddy pulls her up and down the sidewalk. It is quite amusing to watch.


I don't really know why I am laughing so hard. I just think it is so cute watching her little legs trying to keep up with how fast Rob is pulling her. I love it!

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Katie said...

Haha! What a cutie! Watching her little legs go reminds me of watching a centipede or something. :) We totally need to get together again!

Chuck and Stacie said...

Sadie is so much fun! Do we get to watch her next week? :)