Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art City Days

This last week was Art City days here in Springville. There are lots of activities throughout the week including a talent show, rodeo, library book sale, hot air balloons, parade, fireworks and a carnival. We only made it to the parade and the carnival this year but Sadie sure loved it! She loved watching the floats go by on the street and catching the candy they threw out. This year we sat in a new spot which ended up being the very end of the by the time everyone got to us, they didn't have any candy left. I didn't really mind, because I didn't want Sadie to get tons of candy, but next year I think we will go to a different place to sit...near the beginning of the parade.

We also went to the carnival. It had been raining all day so we didn't think we were going to be able to go, but the weather cleared up for a few hours so we decided to head over there. Sadie just loved watching all of the rides but her favorite thing was the merry-go-round. So we let her ride it once. She was so happy.

Then while I was trying to sleep, I heard the fireworks. It seemed like they went on forever, and Rob watched them out our back window while I covered my ears with my pillow. :)

It was a fun week. Here are some pictures.

This is how Rob and I enjoyed watching the parade.

This is how Sadie sat waiting for the parade...once it started, she moved closer to the action on the side of the street.

And since it was so cold...Zac got to enjoy the parade on my lap wearing this bear outfit. I love this outfit and am so glad that he got the chance to wear it before he got too big!

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