Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day/Birthday

SO Rob's birthday is today...last year it was ON Father's day. Kinda a rip off for him, but what can you do? His twin has to deal with the same thing. :) Anyway...I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!

He is the best dad and husband in the world. This morning Zac was not going back to sleep so he took him to the couch and held him so I could get some sleep. He is actually still onthe couch holding him right now. What a good man! Love you Rob!

This is the little grill that we got so that we didn't always have to heat up our house to cook dinner. He loves it!

Sadie likes to help too. Last night Rob made burgers...well, I mixed the meat and made the patties, but he actually grilled them. They were delicious! Can't wait to try our steaks on the grill tonight!

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becky d said...

Looks like Rob needs grilling tools.