Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blackberries and Raspberries!

We went to pick some blackberries and raspberries on Saturday with Evan, Shanna and their adorable little boy Calvin. It was a lot of fun, but mostly it was really yummy. We have been eating raspberries all week long. I think I will probably go back again and pick more so I can make jam. We'll see. Anyway, here are some fun pictures of the day.

There were goats near the raspberry bushes and Rob got one to come to the fence and eat grass out of his hand. Sadie thought it was really cool. When she tells people about it she says "It didn't eat my hand!!!"

They picked lots of raspberries! Thanks for coming with us!

The whole group with our goods. Oh yeah.

Rob was in the blackberry bushes picking blackberries with Zac while Sadie and I went to pick raspberries. When I hadn't seen him for a while I went to find him...and this is what I found. He had been feeding the blackberries to Zac! Ha ha. And Zac loved it! Cute blackberry face!

And this is what Sadie did the whole time. I don't think she even put one in her bucket. She just ate them all.

My handsome boys!

It was a really fun outing. I want to grow my own raspberries someday, but for now, I guess I will just go to this little farm and pick some. :)


Grandma and Grandpa Kevan said...

Like totally where did you get the way coll hat?

Grandma and Grandpa Kevan said...

nice hat, we love blackberries. did you make jam?

Shirl and Bill said...

I love "randon posts". Any post at all that shows us you guys and the kids.
How fun. Raspberries.....
My neighbor there in Spv. Dr. Parker used to raise the BEST berries. He was a great gardner and neighbor.