Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Temple

On Friday we decided to take a little trip to the temple with the kids. Sadie talks about the temple all the time and how it's Jesus' house so we thought we would take her to see the Provo temple up close. She LOVED it! The whole car ride over there she was saying "I don't see it...where is the temple." It was a long 10 minute drive. :) But when we finally got there she was so happy. We walked up to the front and she looked at the fountains and the flowers for a good 10 minutes. Then Rob said we were going to walk to the back of the temple. So I brought the stroller up the stairs and we started walking around to the back. Well, Sadie thought we were leaving so she started crying. I thought she was just sad because she thought we were leaving, but she started saying "WHERE'S JESUS?" and "I want to see Jesus!" over and over again. We had to explain to her that even though He visits His temples sometimes, we can't always see him with our eyes.

Anyway, so we did eventually make it around to the back of the temple and she loves the big hills. Rob would walk up the hill with her and help her run back down. It was really funny to watch. She was so happy. When it was time to go, we had to promise her that we would go back in a couple weeks to see it again. What a good trip. Here are some pictures!

Isn't he the cutest!!! I can't get enough of his chubby cheeks!

It was hard to get Sadie to stand still to take any pictures...she just wanted to keep going up and down the hills!

Sadie and Daddy. Can I just say that Rob is the best??? He just followed her around and ran up the hills with her the whole time. I love him!

Me and Zac chillin while Sadie looks at the water.

Looking at the water...I think she wanted to get in...

Smelling the pretty flowers. I love that they keep the temple grounds so beautiful. It really is amazing.


Shanna Selin said...

Love that picture of Zac with the hood on! He's adorable!

Shirl and Bill said...

Love all the pictures!!