Saturday, November 27, 2010

End of the Great Green Blankies...

Maybe I should call them the gross green blankies. Sadie has had a little green flannel blanket ever since she was a baby.

Here she is in the original blanket.

Here she is in a duplicate blanket.

She loved that blanket since she was tiny. I think the chewing of the corners started when she started getting teeth. She used it as a teether. And as she got older, she just kept chewing on it. So it got really gross. No matter how many times I washed it, it was always discolored and smelly. So about a year ago, I asked my mom to make an identical one. So she did. Then Sadie had two blankets that she chewed on. So after a few weeks of chewing and washing and chewing again, I would cut off the yucky parts and sew them up like new again. Well, it was getting pretty ridiculous lately how often I was having to cut off the corners so I stopped sewing them up. Needless to say, the blankets were getting torn and really small. So I finally put my foot down. Well, kinda. We went to walmart and got some new green blankets so she could throw the yucky ones in the garbage.

She was all for it and she actually was the one who put them in the garbage. Things have gone really well and she now loves her new blankets. And she doesn't chew on them!!! Nice. It has only been about a week, but she hasn't really asked for her old blankets back.

I actually had Rob grab the blankets out of the garbage in case she desperately needed them back in the middle of the night, but mostly because I couldn't bare to see them in the garbage. I don't know why, I guess it is because it means that Sadie is growing up, but I feel really bad taking those blankets away from her. She doesn't even care, but I had a hard time seeing those beloved blankets in the garbage. They have helped her get better after she got hurt, they have helped her sleep and they have been by her side since birth. So I have them hid in a bag in the back of my closet. I will probably eventually throw them away, but for my sake, they are sitting in my closet for now. :)

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Shirl and Bill said...

Those favorite blankies are really hard to give up. I think all the kids have them.
Do you know the story of Scott's binkie?.......Ask Carrie