Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some fun videos

Here are some fun videos for you all to enjoy.

This first one is a new trick of Zac's. I just think it is cute and it is cuter when Sadie tries to get him to do it. :)


This one makes me laugh. It is really hard for me to get Zac to laugh. When Sadie was this age it seemed like it was so easy to make her laugh. But when I try to get Zac to laugh, he just looks at me. So I love it when I can actually get some laughs out of him.


And this is just to show everyone how he can eat cheerios all by himself. I think it is really cute. :)


This is what I found the other day in Zac and Sadie's room. So funny. I think the funny part is Zac sucking on his lower lip the whole time. He does it all the time and I think it makes his little cheeks look like a chipmunk!



Carrie Selin said...

The one with Zac laughing is funny because it seems he forgets he is laughing and starts changing it to a cry. Oh well.

lindzandrob said...

I know! When he laughs hard, he seems to forget he is laughing. It is pretty funny.

lindsy said...

they are so cute! Sadie looks so big next to Zac. I forget that she and Wyatt are pretty much the same age. I love his chipmunk cheeks :)

Shirl and Bill said...

So Cute.......