Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas a little late

I have no excuses for waiting this long to blog about Christmas...but here we go!

We went down to Arizona for two whole weeks for Christmas this year. It was great. About 3 days before we left, Sadie got sick with the stomach flu and passed it along to the whole family. And then when we got to AZ and passed it along to everyone who entered the house pretty much. Sorry Guys! Anyway, after everyone got better, we had a great time!

Here is Zac and Grandpa in their bow ties on Bow Tie Sunday. (We made that day up :) )

Grandpa with Sadie and Zac in the backyard. Zac was always happy when he was outside. He was a little grumpy pants while we were in AZ...

This is a funny picture. Calvin and Zac in their matching Christmas shirts. I love Zac's face...his cheeks look like they have ping pong balls in them. So funny.

I also love this picture. Look at everyone's faces. I loved seeing Sadie's excitement when she opened her gifts, even when it was a toothbrush.

This was also a daily activity to keep the kiddos happy. Put Calvin and Zac in the basket and pull them around the room and they loved it!

Taking a golf cart ride at great grandma's house.

This is at Cabellas by my parents house. Sadie saw a snake and said "look at that worm!" so funny.

This was at the Children's Museum and Sadie loved it! We will definitely be going back there next time we are in AZ.

At the park. I realized that I had dressed all of us in the same color that day. So we took a picture.

And Zac loves the swing. If I took him out, he would yell at me until I put him back in, and if I didn't, he would start crying.

It was a long two weeks without a lot of sleep for me, but it was so worth it to be able to spend time with my family. It was great to be with everyone.


Lora said...

We go to the kids museum every time we come to Phoenix. It is so fun! Brynlee spent an hour in the pizza kitchen this time!!

n8 and Aubrey said...

Zac's getting so dang cute! Did you make the Christmas shirt? please do tell how.

Shirl and Bill said...

I love the picture...
Won't they be fun cousins together!!!

becky d said...

I love the excitement of the toothbursh gift! I remember doing that with my kids over underwear and socks! So funny!