Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess what is happening in 14 days???

Sadie's Birthday!

Sadie has been asking about her birthday since just after Christmas. I guess it is my own fault for mentioning it to her. I'm serious...she must have a photographic memory or something because she remembers things from when she was only 18 months old...I'm not kidding. Anyway, so the other day we decided to make a countdown chain. Now she knows exactly how long until her birthday. We are all pretty excited about it. Yesterday I was discussing a little party I was thinking about doing for her...just 2 friends will be coming over to have cake and do a little craft. She overheard me say "Sadie's party" and she got really excited and said "THANK YOU MOMMY!!!" It was so cute.

So I think it will be a hit. she keeps telling everyone that she wants a puzzle and a train for her birthday. hmm...we didn't get her those. It's a good thing we already have one of each of those things. :)

On to the good news. I think (crossing my fingers) both of our kids are healthy! Hooray. It has been a loooooooong few months and if Zac gets another ear infection I think I will go crazy. He is still on antibiotics for his third ear infection in a month and a half. Crazy. But things are looking good. It is great to have both of our happy children back. I love it!

When I brought Zac into the doctor last week, he said that Zac had bronchialitis. Don't know how to spell that one. Anyway he said that if we had a nebulizer that might work. And we do. Sadie has been using it...anyway, so we tried to use it on Zac a few times. He didn't like it. But the little mask that they gave us was pretty cute. And Sadie liked it too.

I like the little eyeballs. It was kinda too big for his face, but he did NOT like that thing on at all.

Here is Sadie trying it out. She actually preferred holding the mouthpiece. She only used the mask once.

So here's to keeping my kids healthy! Let's hope it lasts this time for real!

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Shirl and Bill said...

All those cute pictures. I do hope they are feeling better.
Sadie,Sadie,Sadie. Where did that three years go...??