Friday, April 8, 2011

My life these days

It has been a rough few months over here because of sicknesses and having to stay inside because of weather (and having no car). So we have had to come up with new things to keep us busy. The other day, Sadie wanted to be rolled up like a burrito.

So I rolled her up like a burrito and proceeded to tickle her since she couldn't get her arms out. I know...I'm mean. But she was having a blast!

The other morning Rob got up with the kids and let me sleep in. I know, he is awesome. So when I got out of bed, he was in the bathroom and I came to the living room to see this. Both kids just chillin there with their bowls of cereal watching a movie. So funny.

Zac loves to climb on things.

I am trying to get Zac to drink soymilk ever since we found out he is allergic to milk and eggs. I don't know if it is that he doesn't like the taste or what, but he doesn't really drink it. This day he actually took a few sips. I was so happy. But he went back to not drinking it anymore.

So cute!

This is a video of something that Zac does every day. He loves to push Sadie around in the chair, but when she doesn't cooperate, he let's us all know. Typical Zac.

THe other day, Rob pointed out a little tiny bug crawling around on the floor. We showed Zac and he loved it. He was playing with it and poking at it. Well, we thought he loved it.

Here is a video of Sadie laughing. I love hearing my kids laugh. I have a great video of Zac laughing...I will post it tomorrow because it is still on the camera.


Shirl and Bill said...

Love the pictures!! So does Billie
Every time she heard the laugh or scream she came running and looked at me with her head funny

Liz said...

Hey Kevans, I was reading your post about your little guy being allergic to cows milk. My sister was like that when she was little, and my mom gave her goats milk. She is now an adult and doesn't have a milk allergy . . . I don't know if sometimes they grow out of these kinds of things? Maybe his is different. Just thought I'd mention it.