Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sadie got her nails done!

So we have awesome tenants. We never want them to move away. We have become great friends with them...and Sadie thinks they are just the best! She goes downstairs all the time to hang out with them. She talks through the vent to them sometimes. She loves them.

Yesterday, Amanda's whole family was in town and they all went to get pedicures. She invited me to come along with Sadie and Zac, but it was right during Zac's naptime so I decided I better stay home. But she was so nice and brought Sadie along with her even though I didn't go. Sadie had so much fun. When she got home, she was so happy and told us all about how she chose her own colors and how they painted her toes and fingers. So cute.

I added these pictures just because I thought they were funny. I hemmed Garlan's pants (downstairs neighbor), and Sadie wanted to try them on. So funny.

I think they are just a little bit too big! :)

Here are pictures of her fingers and toes. Her fingers were yellow with white polka dots.

There's a better picture.

And her toes were blue with white polka dots. So cute!

Not an hour after she got home, I noticed that one of her fingernails was completely bare. I didn't bring any attention to it, but then when I noticed another one had the nailpolish off, I mentioned it to Rob. He was vacuuming at the time and messing around with the kids and he said "uh oh...I think the vacuum sucked the nail polish off of your fingers". When she saw her two bare fingernails, the tears started rolling down her cheeks. So sad. But then this morning, she peeled all of the nail polish off of her fingers. That stuff just didn't want to stick on her little fingers. But her toes still look great. :)

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Bethany said...

Since Sadie and Carston are about the same age, I try to picture Carston getting a pedicure and I can't imagine him sitting long enough and holding still for such treatment. I have a hard enough time just clipping his fingernails!