Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Here is our garage about 9 days ago...

 We finally felt like it was time to tear down the garage.  So we cleared it out, and started taking it apart.  Thanks to our friends and family for coming to help.

 First the shingles needed to come off.

 After that, everything just came apart really easily.  We bought a sledge hammer the night before and they didn't even need to take it out of the van.  That wood just came off with their hands.

 These men worked hard that day.  After they got the roof off, they pretty much just pushed the cinderblock walls over.  check it out.

 Doug and Luke give it a little push...


 Rob was not standing in the right spot.  ha ha.

And then they started to clean up the mess.  It is still a pretty big mess back there, but it is looks a LOT better after Luke and Taylor and Rob worked on it for a few hours yesterday.  Thanks so much for the help everyone! 

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lindsy said...

Wow, that's a big job. You're going to have so much extra space back there!