Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year Halloween was so fun.  I procrastinated figuring out costumes until the last minute, but everything came together ok.  It is so fun to see the kids get so excited about these different holidays.  Sadie was so excited...and so was Zac.  But I think he was just copying Sadie.  ha ha.  Anyway...we carved pumpkins on Monday night and then we had our ward party and trick or treating tonight.  It was tons of fun. 

 Carving the pumpkins.  I was so surprised to see how much Emery participated.  She tried to put the spoon in the pumpkin and scoop out the guts.  

 Here she goes again.  She really wanted to help!

 And she loved playing with all the gooey insides of the pumpkins.  She would just grab it and hold it and play with it...and then after a good ten minutes of that, she decided to eat it.  And that just grossed me out, so we didn't let her do that anymore!

 Here are the kids last minute costumes.  I remembered I had bought Sadie's about 2 years ago on sale after Halloween and I pulled it out and of course she loved it.  And Zac chose to be a slice of pizza.  (And yes, he is wearing red lipstick in this picture.  I was putting makeup on Sadie and he really wanted some too.  ha ha)

 Rob and I didn't have anything to wear, so we made ourselves nerds.  Ha ha.  I was kinda embarrassed walking around like this at the ward party since all the other costumes were cute and pretty, but looking at the picture, I think we looked pretty good.  :)  And Emery is in  a tinkerbell costume.

 Zac's funny face.

 the nerds.

 When the kids got home, the promptly took out each piece of candy one at a time and counted it.  I thought it was cute how Zac lined his up in a row.

 And Sadie said she had 80 pieces!  Yes...she can count that high...with just a tiny bit of help!

And here are the kids and Rob by their pumpkins.  Such a fun Halloween.  Hope everyone else enjoyed their day too!


lindsy said...

Great costumes :) Emery is getting so big! They're so cute!

Kevin_Amold said...

Very interesting. 2012 lindsey decided to dress up like 2002 lindsey for halloween!!