Monday, December 31, 2012


 We had a really relaxing Christmas this year.  It was great.  We had Rob's brother Duncan over to spend the day with us so that was a lot of fun.  The kids love having family over!  It snowed a ton a day or two before Christmas so there was lots of snow to play in.  So we went sledding after nap time on Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids are still a little young for sledding down hills, I think they prefer just being dragged around in our backyard on a sled.  But it was still fun.  Then they wanted to play on the playground.  Then we went home to warm up.  It was a great day and I think the kids enjoyed all of the presents they got. 

 This was a free carriage ride we went on the Friday before Christmas.  We got there 15 minutes before they started so that we could go first and then go home because it was really cold outside.  Well, the carriages were about 30 minutes late, so we were waiting for about 45 minutes for them to get there.  Luckily there was music to entertain us.  But the kids were cold.  But we made it.  And it was fun.  Then as we were walking to our car, Zac and Sadie were in tears because they were so cold.  I'm sure we looked really cool.  ha ha.

 The kids loved putting up and taking down the nativities that we have.

 I love how Sadie set it up.  With everyone looking right at baby Jesus.  It is perfect!

 Christmas morning...i didn't take many pictures, but here is Emery in some antlers.

 Zac looking through his stocking.  The poor kid was feeling sick all day...he pretty much just took it easy and laid down all day.  But he made sure to eat lots of candy.

 Sadie was a good helper of opening gifts.  

 Us going sledding.  This picture doesn't show it but there was plenty of snow to sled.

 Sadie had a blast!

 Sadie went all the way down the huge hill instead of stopping after our little hill.  I went down to help her back up so she didn't get run over by the other sledders.

 Emery even gave it a try.

 And Duncan.

 Then the kids wanted to go play on the playground. They had fun...I mean we all had fun.

 This thing was really fun.

 crossing the bridge in snow gear is kinda hard.

 And sadie got curlers in her stocking.  I remember wearing these when I was young.  So fun.

All curled and ready for the day! 

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Shirl and Bill said...

Looks like the kids had a real nice Christmas and had alot of fun in the snow. And Emery walking!!