Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grandma comes to town

 Yeah...we went to the church history museum again.  It was still fun for the kids.  And it was awesome because we were literally the only people in the children's section for a long time.  So we could do whatever we wanted.

 Fishing with Grandma.

 Zac loved the garden.  He spent a good long time here.

 Sadie and I enjoyed some dancing together.

 Emery hung out at the garden.

 Then my mom got in on the dancing action.  Check out that skirt swirl.  Pretty sweet!

 And again...Sadie is trying to swirl hers, but hers is too short.  ha ha

 Checking out the lights.

 Grandma made the kids a fun fort.  They loved it.

And of course, how can we have a visit from grandma without sickness.  This was Sadie one morning at breakfast.  Poor girl.  Sleeping with the barf bucket.  ha ha

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Shirl and Bill said...

Hope everyone is better and all ready for Santa