Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daddy daughter skate date

 Sadie's school sometimes has family nights.  They've had a math and science night, and a movie night at the school, and a few weeks ago they had a family night at the skating rink.  We could all get in for free and rent skates for one dollar.  I thought it would be fun to go together as a a few years.  ha ha.  Emery and Zac are a little young for that.  So I told Rob he should take Sadie on a date.  They had a blast.  Rob had to hold her hand pretty much the whole time and his back was killing him from holding her up, but he said it was a blast.  Sadie came home with blisters on her shins because we didn't have any long socks for her, but she still loved it. 

I made Rob take the camera to take pictures.  :)

 This is Sadie and her friend London from school and church.  They are in the same class and we carpool together.  Such cuties! See how they had to be holding on to the table so they didn't fall?  ha ha

 Apparently Santa showed up.  She loved it, although it doesn't quite look that way in the picture.  :)  She said she told Santa she wanted a Jack in the Box for Christmas and she told me that she gave him some ideas for Zac too.  So thoughtful!

 Here they are on the rink.  

That little boy photo bombing the picture is London's little brother.  I'm glad Rob and Sadie had a great time.  Sadie said it wasn't as slippery as ice skating which she has done once about a year ago.  WE will have to take the whole family when they can all hold themselves up.  :)

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Laurel said...

That's so fun! And funny about the Jack in the Box. That's what Andrew tells everyone he wants for Christmas. To the point that I decided to get him one or I think he'd be really disappointed. It's hard to find one for under $20 (seems pricey, right?!) but I finally found one on sale.