Monday, December 9, 2013

Typical evening

 I really love the kitchen in our new house.  I love that it has a wrap around counter that we can put chairs on the other side.  And I love that I can see the living room from the kitchen.  It really has everything I was looking for when we were looking at houses.  When we moved in, there was one white swivel type chair attached to the counter.  I thought it was annoying and always in the way.  But Sadie loved to sit there and color or read or whatever.  So about a month ago I told Rob that I thought I saw some more chairs like that that attach to the counter in our furnace room.  I asked him to put them in thinking I would hate it, but so far I have loved it!  The chairs themselves are pretty annoying because they are in the way a lot, but eventually I would like to replace them with bar stools. Until then, the kids love sitting in them and coloring.  This is what a typical afternoon/evening looks like at our house:

 Sadie is usually working on homework and Zac has started doing color by numbers.  

 He is finally getting excited about learning letters and he is great with his numbers.  He is always counting things.

 Sadie is always there to help if he needs it.  And Emery likes to color up there too.  It is pretty fun.

 And I usually don't let the kids eat there but on the occasional evening they get to enjoy a yummy bowl of ice cream in their counter seats.  Notice Rob in the background clearing the table.  He is awesome.  :)

These guys are great!

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Shirl and Bill said...

those pictures are priceless.