Monday, December 16, 2013

Emery is 2!

 Emery had a birthday a couple weeks ago.  It was fun.  She was practicing holding up two fingers for a few weeks prior to her birthday so when someone asked her how old she was she could say 2 with her fingers.  She is still working on it.  It is pretty tricky.  The night before Emery's birthday Crys and Alan came over and gave her a present.  She was so excited to open it and kept gasping and saying "oooo".  Then when she actually saw what it was, she was really excited!

 A cute sweater dress!  And  blue and white striped sweater.  So cute!  Thanks!

 She was especially excited that her dress had pockets.  Whenever she wears it she points out the pockets to everyone that will listen.  :)

 This was on her actual birthday.  She was dressed and ready to go to church and then she sat in this box and couldnt get out.  Of course I had to take a picture before I helped her out.  ha ha.

 All the kids right before church.  

 Emery blowing out her two candles.  It took a couple tries, but she got them out all by herself.  I'm just glad the candles were on a cupcake and not on a big cake.  That way, she got all of her slobber on her own cupcake and we all could enjoy our own slobber free cupcakes.  :)

 Zac enjoying his cupcake.

 And this is what Emery got for her birthday from us.  Little People stuff.  She loves it.

 She played with it for a long time.

She loves it.  I hope she doesn't get tired of it since she is getting more for Christmas.  

Emery is such a cute little two year old.  Here are some things that I don't want to forget:

-She calls me "Momia."  Like a mix of mama mia.  Like from the ABBA song.  It is pretty funny.
-She is so sweet.  She has started giving compliments.  She will come up to me randomly and say "ooo, I love your scarp!" (scarf)  Or I love your toenails.  :)  
-She can scream!  If Zac says something that offends her she will just look at him and scream until she runs out of breath.  
-It takes her about 5 minutes to choose which pair of shoes she wants to wear for the day.  She only has like 2 pairs to chose from, but she sometimes likes to choose Sadie's shoes or Zac's boots.  Silly girl.
-She still loves her pacifier, but only gets it at bedtime.  And pretty soon I think they will disappear.  :)
-She gives great cuddles.  Especially when she is tired, but she will give them out whenever you ask.  

Anyway, we love our Emery and our family wouldn't be complete without her! 

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Laurel said...

Aw, what a little cutie! I love that she compliments, is indecisive over her shoes, and calls you Momia. That one's classic. :)