Monday, June 29, 2015

Sandy Waterfall

 I think I have posted about this little hike a few times on my blog the last couple years, but we just love it.  It is short and sweet and the kids can do it by themselves and there is a waterfall!  It is great.  We went last weekend to celebrate the first Saturday without soccer!  ha ha

 We really should get one of those baby hiking backpacks because she always looked like she was about to fall out of this one!  She didn't seem to mind being in it though.  Thanks Rob for carrying her the whole way!

 The start of the hike.

Here is a side by side of us hiking this year versus last year.  Wow.  My belly was huge.  And Emery was so small.  What a difference a year makes.  

 We made it!

 They had to walk through the water a little to get up close to the waterfall.  Rob pretty much carried Emery by the arm because she couldn't step from rock to rock. Rob is seriously the best.

 Zac found a cherry in the water.  

 Family Selfie.

 Zac climbed up some rocks and I thought I better follow him in case he got stuck or fell or something.  That boy is brave.  When I got up to where he was and looked down, I was scared.  ha ha. 

 Pretty waterfall.  This is the biggest I have ever seen it. 

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lindsy said...

Someday, you guys will have to drive down the Old Highway in the Gorge. So many cool waterfalls and they are easy to walk/hike to!