Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Father's day/ Rob's birthday

Ok so all the pictures above are ones we took for Rob for Father's day.  I printed them out and put them in little frames so he could have them at work.  And I just think our kids are the cutest!  :)

Rob's birthday happened to fall on Fathers day this year.  Double bonus! Church starts at 9 this year for us Rob didn't really get to sleep in since he had to pick up the young men to set up chairs at 8.  Happy birthday!  ha ha  We invited Rob's family over to have dinner and cake and ice cream.  Rob requested mac and cheese pizza (a Kevan specialty) and I made some ribs too.  The kids made him a treasure hunt all by themselves.  It was a great day.

Here Rob is reading some of the fathers day books the kids made for him.  I love this picture.  This is what I see every night before the kids go to bed while Rob reads Calvin and Hobbes to them.

Rob and Luke had to have a tickle war of course.  Sadie joined in.


Rob let the kids help him open his presents.

William loves Uncle Alan!

We got these shirts for Rob.  The kids modeled them for everyone.

Singing happy birthday.

ROb blew out all the candles.  And yes...I put 34 candles on that cake!

And of course...we ended the day with a video chat to his parents.  

Happy birthday and fathers day to the best dad and husband in the world!  He rarely complains and I don't think I have had to take the trash out in months!  The kids just adore him and things get crazy when he gets home from work because they just want to play!  ha ha.  We love you Rob!

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Janet C said...

Great Dad! Awesome tribute...cute fam : )