Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family Home Evening

Here is just a very small glimpse into what goes on in our home during family home evening.

Riley likes to stand here in this spot.  We are not sure why.  I think it is because one time during our "program" (a part of family home evening where everyone gets a turn to show off a talent or anything they want.  Most of the time it is just running down the hall and then running back or spinning in circles.) we all clapped for her when she stood there.  Now she stands there a lot but only during family home evening.  ha ha.

Here are a couple of videos. 

 I actually think that this one is after family home evening was over, but it was just so cute.  

 This is Emery's program.  She always runs down the hall or to the front room and back.  Riley always follows her and there is almost always a near collision in that same spot every time.  ha ha. 

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