Sunday, January 31, 2016

Riley is 18 months old!

 Where has the time gone??  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing my plump newborn home from the hospital.  She turned 18 months old on January 17.  Riley is such a fun little baby.  She has started taking off with her vocabulary.  She learns about 10 new words every day it seems.  I love it.  She loves to play with babies, she loves to play the piano, and she loves having friends over.  She especially loves it when her cousin William comes over, although now she is realizing that she has to share things when people come we will see how that goes.  She is learning how to throw some good tantrums and she loves to wake up around 5:30 every day.  We leave her in her bad until 6 most of the time, but she just whines and cries until we come get her.  Any suggestions on how to get her to sleep longer? 

 This is Riley on New Year's Eve...with marshmallow in her hair.  She has perfected the scowl. 

 She loves to be right where we are.  "helping"

 This is one of my favorite things she does right now.  She likes to play with her babies behind her curtain.  She will put them down for "night night" and I just showed her our pretend baby diapers.  She loves them.

 She loves to play on people's phones.  Of course.

 This was on her very first day of nursery.  She did well.  She seems to like it. 

Playing with her babies.

 I pulled out my jingle skirt the other day and Riley loved it.  It was nice because I could always hear exactly where she was in the house.  :)

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