Sunday, January 31, 2016

Grocery Shopping

 Grocery shopping is one of the hardest things for me.  I guess the actual task isn't that hard, it is the getting myself to go that is hard for me.  I usually wait until I have hardly anything left that I force myself to go.  Once I get to the store, especially if I am by myself, it is fine.  And with the kids isn't too bad either.  I usually go while Zac is at school so I only have 2 kids with me.  And the store I go to now has a little basket of fruit for kids to eat while their parents shop.  It's awesome.  A little clementine will keep my kids busy until I'm almost done.

Well, one day over Christmas break I was watching two of my neighbor's kids for the whole day.  They started asking for snacks around 8am and I came to realize I didn't have anything.  No fresh fruit, no crackers, no bread, no milk, no cereal.  So I decided that before lunch I had better run to the store and get some essentials. I was worried that having 6 kids with me would be crazy, but it actually turned out great.  The older kids helped me out a ton, and the younger kids squished together in the car cart.  
 This is on the way to the car.  We were all still happy!  

And the other day we were at costco and I looked back to see this:
I fell in love with my family at that moment.  I mean...look at that handsome guy pushing that cart of beautiful children.  And they are all mine.  :)

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Marissa said...

You are always so positive! I think we need to hang out more so that you can rub off on me!