Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Shoot Fail

 The other day we were all hanging out in my bedroom and the lighting was really bright so I decided I wanted to try to take a few pictures.  My only goal was to get a picture where they were all smiling at the camera.  Hah!  Even though I didn't accomplish my goal, I love all of these pictures.  They show the kids personalities so well.  I love them.

 This is the best picture of Riley.  I see this face so many times during the day and I'm glad I could capture it on camera.

With all these next pictures, I kept telling Riley to smile and she did, but for some reason she always looked right at Emery.  It was so funny! 


This is my favorite picture of them all.  Riley's little smile, Emery's grimace at Zac, and Zac just looking at the camera.  I love these kids.  I just wish Sadie were home so she could be in all of these!

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