Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valentine's Dinner

I decided that for Valentine's day this year I wanted to invite family over and have a fun dinner.  We had different items like a sausages, sandwiches, jello cups, salad, brownies, forks and napkins on a menu with secret names.  Nobody knew what they were, and they had to choose what they wanted for each course (there were 3 courses).  We put all the food downstairs in the kitchen so that nobody could see what it time we will just keep it upstairs.  Poor Rob had to carry people's plates and Riley up and down the stairs about a million times.  ha ha.  Not a very relaxing dinner for him!  :)  We had chips and salsa on the table in case anyone ended up with just a drink and a fork and napkin for one course.  We are too nice!  ha ha.  Anyway I thought it turned out really fun and hopefully we can make it a tradition. 

Everyone got these fun glasses. 

The kids love them and still wear them around the house sometimes.

Riley even likes to wear them. 

This is the only picture of any of the food that I took!  Doh!  I was too busy serving to take pictures.  Next time I'll do better.  But this was the thing that took the longest to make!  I started two days before the party to get them done!  

Rob and I cut out some hearts to stick on the kids' door while they were sleeping.  They woke up to fun valentine's on their door.

At the party, we also had a little photo booth.  Emery by far enjoyed it the most!  For 2 days after the party, she would grab props and have me take pictures.  IT was funny.  So here are the photo booth pictures. William slept through the entire dinner so he isn't in any of them. 

I gave Rob the job of taking the pictures while I got stuff ready for the meal.  I should have told him to squat down a little.  He is pretty tall...but I think they turned out great anyway.


Carrie Selin said...

How fun! And you could totally tell Emery LOVED the photo booth.

lindsy said...

I love it! I may have to do that for Leap Day or April Fools Day. Sounds so fun!

Laurel and Doug said...

Your V-Day party/dinner looks so fun, Lindsey! Good job. I hope the tradition sticks.