Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camping in Hobble Creek

Last weekend we went camping at Hobble Creek in Springville.  Luke and Taylor joined us for the evening.  It was a lot of fun.  The playset it always a big hit with the kids.  We spent some time in the evening there and also again in the morning.

Riley and William climbed the rock wall.   

My kids spent a lot of time swinging.  Especially Riley.  She would ask for more underdogs over and over.

Sadie and Zac loved the bigger rock climbing wall.

These two cuties were so fun!  They loved the swings.

Rob gave tons of underdogs to the kids.

Everyone helped make the fire.

Throwing rocks into the little river.

It was a hit.  This is Zac's all time favorite thing to do.  He loves throwing rocks in the water.

Hanging out by the fire making s'mores.  This time we ate dinner before we left the house so it was so easy!  We just had to make s'mores over the fire.  Yum!

Sadie became quite the expert marshmallow roaster.

My family on a log.

Emery was dealing us a little crack that night.  :)

She loved "exploring" the campsite and was very sad when I told her she couldn't bring her new friends (potato bugs) home with us in the car.

It was a pretty good trip.  The only hiccup was that Riley wouldn't go to sleep.  We were also in a campsite right next to a campsite where there were like 20 young women.  I thing they must have been doing girls camp or something.  They were up really late singing songs and stuff which was fine.  It was fun to hear them sing primary songs that the kids knew.  Riley finally settled down and was starting to go to sleep around 11:15.  That's when she sat up and barfed all over me and the blankets.  I just kept saying over and over "I'm didn't come prepared for this!!"  ha ha.  It was late.  I was tired.  We cleaned up as best we could with wet wipes and changed Riley and got the throw up blanket out of the tent.  After that, she slept great!  ha ha.  She didn't act sick at all after that so we think it was because she ate doritos for dinner and then cheetos and marshmallows and chocolate.  ha ha.  Next time I will be prepared for a throw up incident.  :)

In the morning we were planning on going to a cool splash pad they have in Springville, but Rob had never been to the new reservoir there.  So we stopped by.  We kept asking the kids if they wanted to go to the splash pad, but they were happy at the reservoir.  So we stayed.

There were tons of yellow butterflies flying around by the water.  There are some in the bottom right of the above picture.

And here is Zac making friends with one.  :)

It's such a fun little place!  I told Rob if we still lived in Springville, we might have to invest in some fun water toys like a kayak or something.

I think we are standing right next to a group of butterflies for this picture. 

Close up.  Emery was able to touch one. 

Riley loved the sand.

And Sadie practiced her cartwheels.

Rob even waded into the water a little bit.  We weren't planning on stopping here, so next time we will be more prepared with our swimming suits and the kids floaties. 

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lindsy said...

Poor Riley! (and you!) Ick :/
Sounds like a fun camping trip still. Sometimes we cheat and just bring Subway for dinner :)